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Friday, December 02, 2005

If You Lie Down with Dogs, You Wake Up with Fleas

"I believe anybody who works with the CIA and allows the American intelligence agency to secretly bring planes in the country is trying to hide something."

HRW Has Strong Evidence Romania Was Involved In CIA Secret Prisons Case

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has indirect, but strong evidence that Romania and Poland were involved "some time ago" in the case of the CIA alleged secret prisons, together with several Middle East countries, according to the organization's military analyst, Mark Garlasco, in an interview with Delta RFI radio station.

Reporter: You published a list of 26 terrorism suspects who were allegedly detained and subjected to torture in several countries. What countries are you referring to?

Marco Garlasco: We certainly know there are several countries from the Middle East involved. Considering the articles published by the Washington Post and other sources, we believe that at least two countries in Eastern Europe either hold or have held prisoners, which we believe were tortured. Of course, our information shows that Romania and Poland are definitely suspects.

How did you find these terrorism suspects? Where did you get the information from?

The information on the alleged locations of the prisons is based on the flight routes of CIA planes, which flew from Afghanistan directly to these locations in Europe, including to Timisoara.

Do you have any news as regards Romania's involvement?

We are still investigating to establish where these secret centers could have been located in Romania, but we work very close with the European Union and the Council of Europe, to try to locate these areas. We will have a meeting with European experts next week.

But do you have any concrete evidence against Romania?

We have circumstantial, but very strong evidence that Romania and Poland were involved some time ago. We don't know whether they still are, but, anyhow, any previous involvement and any violation of human rights will question the future status of the country inside the EU and this is why it is so important to us to make this investigation.

What other countries are on the list?

Countries from the Middle East, Egypt, Jordan and several others in the area. We were very surprised to find out that European countries were also involved, but it seems that in the fight against terror, both the U.S. and the allies are determined to take certain steps that are against international regulations.

Why weren't the prisoners taken to the U.S.?

If they had been taken to the U.S., they should have been treated according to American laws and would have stood trial. So they were taken to the Middle East because they can go around the law there.
Why Eastern Europe? This got us confused too. But I think it is more important for the Romanians and the Polish to wonder why CIA planes landed in their countries. Even if there were no prisoners subjected to torture in these two countries, I think Romanians and Poles should receive clarification.

Do you think Romanian authorities have something to hide?

I believe anybody who works with the CIA and allows the American intelligence agency to secretly bring planes in the country is trying to hide something. Judging by the statements made by Romanian and Polish officials, I believe these things must be clarified and I hope the investigation conducted by the Council of Europe will be able to do this.



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