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Saturday, December 03, 2005

This War Wasn't Started By Mistake

Would someone please ask George Bush what he is talking about when he says America won't "cut and run" and U.S. troops must remain in Iraq until they achieve victory? "Cut and run" from what ? a mistake? The only way the Untied States could possibly secure a victory would be to discover the weapons that never were there in the first place.

After occupying the country for more than two and a half years without turning up any of Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction, the Bush Administration has finally admitted that pre-war intelligence about Iraq was dead wrong. Claims made before the war that Hussein was aiding al Qaida have also proven to be false. (If anything, he was trying to rid his country of radical fundamentalists who threatened his authority.) Nevertheless, the pretence used to sell Congress and the American people on this war was the threat that Hussein had nuclear weapons and was prepared to use them on the United States or provide them to terrorists who would. Remember all those mushroom clouds?

There are serious questions about why they believed this phony intelligence when all other signs indicated it was false. A rigorous search by UN weapons inspectors was unable to locate any such weapons and international watchdog organizations as well as other countries' intelligence agencies had determined there were no such weapons or terrorist alliances. But that was what they ignored then. Let's concentrate on what is being ignored now.

The corpse that everyone at this wake has been ignoring is that this war was not a mistake. You would expect anyone who made such a horrific blunder to be doing his best to correct, not compound it. But nobody appears eager to correct this "mistake." Instead, the administration's latest reason for continuing to occupy the country is that the U.S. can't leave until Iraq can provide its own security. But if the United States really wanted to stabilize the country, it would accede to the wishes of all factions in Iraq and get the hell out!

So the only conclusion any sane and rational person can reach is that this war is not about weapons of mass destruction, establishing democracies, or assuring security. It is about inflaming and destabilizing the region to the extent that it provides justification to eradicate as many of its inhabitants as possible. It's an objective best articulated perhaps by the criminally insane radio talk show call-ins who want to "wipe every damned Arab off the face of the earth!"

This is no different than the extermination of other racial, political and cultural groups carried out by other world tyrants. It's called genocide. Everyone who is not American must be wondering if they are going to be next.

The majority of those in Congress ? Republicans and Democrats, alike ? know what's going on and condone it, if only because wars are such lucrative ventures. The only reason they are finally piping up is that they can no longer justify supporting a war based on such flimsy excuses. They want Bush to provide them with a better one from his seemingly inexhaustible supply of phony pretexts. Because Congress and the President and their pals in Great Britain and Halliburton share the same agenda. They hate Arabs, need gasoline and like making money. The Iraq War is the genie that granted them all three wishes.